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‘Lost things’ is a photography series made in collaboration with photographer @yugayyan fashion designer @nensiavetisian and set designers @leshaest and @iamgrowingmyhairagain
The documented series are based on the idea of found objects with mysterious history. SS22 accessories featured in the series are made by @nensiavetisian from upcycled materials which she finds in second hand stores or on the streets. The idea was to capture a moment which represents an outtake from a loss story. Each photo should invite the viewer into the conferral process of thoughts about how, when and why it happened. How do we lose our personal belongings? And do we actually? Do they carry with themselves the history of the owner? Do we always throw away personal things at will or it could happen suddenly without any warning in an accident?
The value and importance of personal belongings was another idea of the series. We questioned the ease with which people begin to part with their belongings which lead to depreciation of it.

Photographer @yugayyan
Fashion @nensiavetisian
Set design 

@a_acoop @iamgrowingmyhairagain @leshaest
Assistant @erofeev15

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