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The film is a collaboration between musician Karina Kazaryan (KP Transmission), fashion designer Nensi Avetisian and set designer Katya Starostina. Documented performance of interaction with textures, sound and space. “Katya brought lots of objects which Karina uses usually while searching for new sounds for her music and we started to build spaces, making music out of these metal and concrete pieces.” The music in the film made by Karina includes recorded sounds from her investigation of objects during shooting process. She usually captures the rawness of experimental music, in a confident manner that creates what we could call her own sub genres.


Karina is wearing garments by Nensi Avetisian made from upcycled materials which she founded in second hand stores. The structure from Armenian church embossed in some parts of the clothes is inspired by Armenian traditions, culture, craft and co-exist with Nensi’s early works directing her study of utility as a wearable transition of it. «I feel so calm and excited at the same time while listening to Karina’s music, especially the album “Dreams of Armenia”. It just feels like I am home, something deep inside starts to get activated. It makes me sad and happy at the same time.”


The sculptures from the film built by Katya Starostina were made from found objects around Moscow and represent the physical appearance of Karina’s music. “I was thinking about the sound and new musical instruments. What would those instruments look like if I connect these objects together? How would Karina interrogate with those instruments?” The film represents the process of creation Karina’s hazy and grainy compositions which sounds murky and chthonic, containing a vague feeling of uneasiness, blurry, obscure atmosphere.


“The art we make (Karina, Katya, Nensi) is about process, atmosphere, not about the finale product. We all question every step of what we are making. We create a work upon which people will keep conferring new meanings. We don't put them into the work. We make the work invite this conferral process.”


Karina Kazaryan (KP Transmission)


Original composition

Karina Kazaryan feat. Alina Petrova, Alina Anufrienko



Sasha Klimov



Konstantin Bushmanov


Editor & colorist

Masha Kharitonova


Set designer

Ekaterina Starostina



Nensi Avetisian


Make-up artist

Sofya Kristallikova 


Lighting designer

Anna Kortyukova 

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